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Personal Training

Daniel Casebolt


1 Year


NASM Certified Fitness Trainer 


Aesthetic Training | Strength Training


Hiking | Camping | Traveling 


The Railyard + The Firehall


Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Born and raised in Livingston, I grew up hiking, traveling, and loving the outdoors. I was interested in personal fitness in my early teens and started to really focus on it in my 20s. While working full-time jobs, I had to figure out ways to spend less time in the gym, but still get the results I wanted. After trial and error, consistency, and tons of research later, I've landed on 3 major aspects.


First, focusing on key exercises to build a well-balanced physique. Second, Lifting appropriate weights promote overall strength in the body, and also helps with staying/getting lean. And third, building programs that fit into life's busy schedule, but still yield the proper results.


Making the gym a second nature activity doesn't come easily. But making it a part of life will undoubtedly benefit you for the rest of it.

Small Group Training

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