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We're here to make a difference,

in your life and in our community.

Livingston holds the number four spot as one of the healthiest communities in Montana.  We're making it our personal challenge to take Livingston to the top of the list.  

We believe that your fitness journey is just as unique as you are; a constantly evolving voyage through trial and error, victory and defeat.  So in an industry that is constantly shoving quick fixes and skinny teas in your face, we're offering something a little different: honesty.   


The Railyard is a space to honor what your body is capable of; what you can build, what you can lose, and what you can restore. Whichever direction you're headed in we're here to provide you with all the tools to you need on your journey.          


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Power Lifting

Squat, bench press, and deadlift.  Achieve your maximal weight as you prep for competitions or bragging rights.    


Personal Training

We're here to help match you to the perfect personal trainer who will help you achieve your 

individual fitness goals.   


Functional Fitness

Mimic your everyday movements by utilizing unique fitness tools designed to perform the activities of daily life with greater ease and without injury.


High Intensity

An optimized floor plan for all things HIIT, from slam balls to kettlebells, we have everything you need to get your Tabata on!  

We're dedicated to providing our

members the best.

We've made it our mission to bring big city fitness to our small town gyms.  We provide our members with innovative equipment and contemporary fitness services so you'll never have to sacrifice quality just because of where you live.    

Clean Facilities

Multiple Locations

Free Group Fitness Classes

Modern, Innovative Equipment

Knowledgeable, Attentive Staff

Open Floor Plan

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