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Personal Training

Nathan Hill


20+ Years


NASM CPT | NSCS CPT NASM PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist)


Body Recomposition | Strength & Power Training | Athletic Training


Reading | Martial Arts | Spending time with his pup 


The Railyard + The Firehall


I was drawn into the world of health and fitness at a very young age and secured my first Personal Trainer certification at only 18.  I’ve dedicated the majority of the next 20 years that followed to developing my craft and methodology as a trainer.  I’ve repeatedly seen how health and fitness can transform someone’s life farbeyond just looking good; I love using my knowledge and skills to help others reach their goals and beyond, helping them see what they’re truly capable of.  

I believe in training like an athlete.  Whether you want to get stronger, improve your body composition, increase metabolism, or just want to move and feel better; the methodology I’ve used on beginner to elite athletes will push you to reach your unique goals.  

To me, health and fitness is a lifestyle and I live that life every day.  The “why” that drives me to improve myself, daily and in all areas of life, is unyielding.  Getting to help others discover their potential is a blessing.

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